Ruben & Lullaby a finalist @ IndieCade 2009; artwork for sale & more

Ruben & Lullaby a finalist @ IndieCade 2009; artwork for sale & more

IndieCade Awards poster.

IndieCade is coming to Culver City in Los Angeles this week and I’m happy to announce that Ruben & Lullaby is one of the finalists. Our troubled twosome is in stellar company, as well—visit the IndieCade website for complete conference details, it’s a great lineup of finalists, speakers and events. There are two Ruben & Lullaby-related items that might be of interest for those who will be in town:

Original Ruben & Lullaby art on sale at the Wonderful World of Art Gallery. One of Ezra Claytan Daniels’ gorgeous original drawings for the game will be up for sale during the festival. It’s the largest piece he created, and includes most of the elements that make up the game’s various endings (including some elements that weren’t used). You can see photos of the piece (it’s the one with the trees). The Wonderful World of Art Gallery will be open throughout the festival (October 1-4).

Art, Music and Technology – An iPhone Showcase. I’ll be joining the Eliss and RadioFlare teams for a reunion of sorts—we all met at the Game Developer’s Conference in March—but more to the point, for a panel discussion on innovative iPhone games on Saturday, October 3 from 11:00 am to 12:15 pm. Check the conference schedule for details.

I hope to see you at the festival!


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