Strange Rain 1.2 includes new music, new features, new raindrops

Strange Rain 1.2 includes new music, new features, new raindrops

Image from Strange Rain 1.2Downloadable content has arrived with version 1.2 of Strange Rain, which includes a gorgeous new interactive score by composer Chris Schlarb (NightSky, Psychic Temple), whom I met a couple years ago at GDC after the release of Ruben & Lullaby. Schlarb’s piece, a jazz composition entitled “Possibility in Amnesia,” features acoustic guitar, violin, and drums, and employs random variations and subtle developments as it proceeds, as different notes, chords, and phrases are triggered depending on the user’s interactions with the app. If you listen carefully, you’ll even hear the occasional squeak of guitar strings when you release your fingers from the screen. Schlarb has created a non-interactive mix of the score which you can listen to and download. The update and new music are available for free for owners of the app.

Adding to the app’s expressive features, this new version includes the ability for users to control the amount of rain falling on the screen, from sprinkles to a heavy storm. This audio-visual volume control works in tandem with Schlarb’s new music to provide greater possibilities for shaping the emotional character of the experience, as users can change the intensity of the rain to mirror, or contrast with, the intensity of the music and story.

Finally, Strange Rain’s raindrops have received an upgrade, gaining a more realistic, transparent look, as well as the decidedly strange tendency to take on the tint of the sky from time to time…

We’d love to hear what you think the new additions! Enjoy.


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