More new music in Strange Rain 1.2.1

More new music in Strange Rain 1.2.1

A bit of the script for the Cumulus Effect score.The latest version of Strange Rain adds more free downloadable music in the form of “Cumulus Effect,” a new piano composition by Michael Gordon Shapiro (Home Room, Empire Earth 3).

Shapiro’s beautiful, wistful piece wonderfully complements the mood of Strange Rain, and develops in interesting ways over time, as effects, reversals, and other dynamic elements parallel the visual developments. Michael has posted an “album version” of the score which you can listen to right now.

Also new in this version is improved audio quality throughout the app, and the ability (via the Options screen) to toggle back and forth between the “classic” black raindrops, which some users loved too much to leave behind, and the recently added clear raindrops.

As always, drop us a line and let us know what you think of the updates!


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