Mainly, I just want to make musicals.

My name’s Erik Loyer. I’m a media artist, designer, and creator of interactive works, both fiction and non-fiction. I founded Opertoon in 2008 to combine elements of games, comics, and music into stories that you can play like instruments, or sing like the songs in a musical.

Why the fascination with musicals? Well, It’s not so much about loving the genre of the musical as it is loving the idea of the musical; the idea of telling stories with music and singing, in the broadest sense.

The musical is profoundly optimistic. It dares to suggest both that life is worth comparing to a song in the first place, and that you, without any more training than the process of living itself, might be able to sing along with the song you’re living in, eloquently expressing exactly what’s going on for you, right here, right now.

All of the stories you’ll find here are musicals, and all the tools are ways to make musicals, in one form or another. I hope you enjoy them.

—Erik Loyer