Strange Rain 2.0 for Apple TV

Strange Rain turns your TV into a skylight on a rainy day—a skylight filled with stories. You’ll see raindrops fall and splatter on your screen as you step through the notes of an eerie melody, using the remote to swish lines of poetry across the sky. This all-new version of the hit app for iPad and iPhone will fill your living room with gorgeous, dynamic scenes of moving clouds, trees, and birds, and the more you touch, the more strange the rain becomes.

Strange Rain comes with a selection of rain-themed poems, plus the original story “Convertible,” which lets you step into the thoughts of a main in the midst of a family crisis—and never plays exactly the same way twice. Look for new poetry and stories to be added on a regular basis, but if you can’t wait, you can even add your own! Great for relaxation and mediation.

• Dynamic skies with moving clouds and streaks of rain
• Great selection of cloud imagery from brooding skies to gorgeous sunsets
• Birds and airplanes flying intermittently through the scene
• Trees pass randomly through the scene as if you’re on a walk
• A growing library of poems and stories to explore
• Add your own stories and texts
• Randomize the environment
• A few surprises…

Strange Rain 2.0 is currently only available for Apple TV, but will be coming soon to iPad and iPhone as a free upgrade for existing users.

Strange Rain is also the first product to support Stepwise, a new open source format for sequential storytelling. Learn more about Stepwise.