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In March 2016, Ezra Claytan Daniels (Upgrade Soul) taught a two-week interactive comics workshop at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. Using Panoply, Opertoon’s new authoring tool for digital comics, Ezra worked with teams of students to create original short horror stories that adhered to the principles he laid out in his Digital Comics Manifesto. The finished stories are collected here. Welcome to Visions_1.
Image from Stage 6

Stage 6

An elderly woman is plagued by painful memories as she succumbs to dementia.

Line Høj Høstrup (Writer), Kristian Bay Kirk (Artist), Bob LK (Experience Design), Eydi av Hamri (Developer)

Image from Mother of Thousands

Mother of Thousands

A young woman’s struggles with depression are embodied by a strange plant.

Jacob Thomas Canepa (Writer), Min Christensen (Artist), Jam Aden (Experience Design), Nilas RD (Developer)

Image from Hypothermia


A brother and sister become separated while on a treacherous journey through the tundra.

Cathrin Peterslund (Writer), Muir Jover (Artist), Clara Jetsmark (Experience Design), Simone Büchert (Developer)

Image from Heavy Sleepers

Heavy Sleepers

A young woman volunteers for an experimental sleep disorder treatment, only to lose her grasp on reality.

Emil Friis Ernst (Writer), Shiro (Artist), Albert Bruun (Experience Design), Sofie Louise Dam (Developer), Nilas RD (Additional Development)

Image from Out of Order

Out of Order

A callous slumlord cannot escape the repercussions of a tragedy that resulted from her negligence.

Aske Schmidt Rose (Writer), Julie Hauge Andersen (Artist), Mathilde Garreau (Experience Design), Fie Anja Nielsen (Developer)