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Building the next Stepworks

I'm happy to announce that Stepworks Studio, my creative media composition tool, is back in active development. A big part of the recent hiatus has been spent figuring out how to balance building tools and creating new original works, something that’s long been a tension for me, and so going forward, I'll be alternating between making standalone apps and working on Studio.

I've always said that Studio is a tool that combines elements from comics, music, and motion graphics. My sense is that people have found that confusing, so I'm refocusing the project on comics. I'll be returning to those other elements eventually, but in the near term my goal is to make Stepworks Studio the best tool for interactive comics on the web.

Most of the newness won't be visible for a while, as I'll be building the new Studio separately from the current version. If you want to see some of the process and try out the new app as it comes together, you can support me by becoming a patron. You'll get free downloads of my standalone apps, access to behind-the-scenes updates, and at the top tier, you can test early builds of the new Stepworks Studio. It'll be a fun journey, and I'd love to have you along.

- Erik

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