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Cut scenes   • Digital comics   • Experimental storytelling

The visual language of comics.

  • Use your existing 2D and 3D assets
  • Create multi-panel layouts with visual tools
  • Add captions and dialogue balloons
  • Go international with localization features
  • Great for digital comics, games, and storytelling experiments
Panoply screenshot with caption that reads Each panel is its own camera
Panoply screenshot with caption that reads Visual layout and keyframe tools make it easy to build your project

The interactivity of games.

  • Each panel is a camera in 3D space
  • Swipe smoothly from step to step
  • Interactive parallax adds depth to panels
  • Built-in audio sequencing
  • Includes PlayMaker actions
“…an amazing tool that we are finding absolutely indispensable for creating #DoctorWho Infinity”

Tiny Rebel Games

“I am absolutely loving this product! …this tool has saved me WEEKS of code work…”

Steve Adamson, CEO, Gear Worx Productions

What is Panoply?

Panoply brings the visual language of comics to Unity, whether you're working with 2D or 3D, cutscenes or gameplay.

Made with Panoply:

Panoply delivers a versatile digital comics experience that will feel great for your users. Use 2D and 3D artwork, add captions, dialogue balloons, and easily set up sophisticated multi-panel layouts. Every transition in Panoply is calculated in real time, so transitions are smooth and reversible. The player/reader can step forward and backward in the story whenever they like, without waiting for animations to start and stop.

Making digital comics with Panoply.

Exploring panel transitions with Panoply.

Panoply: Comics & Splitscreen for Unity

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