“All moments are melody, and all timing, rhythm.”

— dranders

Screenshot from Upgrade Soul

Upgrade Soul

Tread carefully through this chilling, dream-like, emotional tale of cloning gone awry.

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Screenshot from Strange Rain

Strange Rain

Tap and swipe through the rain-soaked musical thoughts of a man in crisis.

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Screenshot from Ruben & Lullaby

Ruben & Lullaby

Tilt, stroke, and shake to shape the emotions of a couple having their first fight.

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Screenshot from Layers of Language

Layers of Language

It's translation, all the way down.

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Screenshot from Nesting


Make a box. Get in the box. Stay in the box.

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Screenshot from In the Woodshed

In the Woodshed

Is there still anything of the sublime to be recovered from our earliest dreams of cyberspace?

Screenshot from Rewriting, Relearning

Rewriting, Relearning

Eight scholars join an experimental writing workshop in the hope of transforming their work and its impact.

Screenshot from VISIONS_1


Short original horror comics created by students of The Animation Workshop in Denmark.

Screenshot from Chroma


The award-winning sci-fi serial about race in digital space.


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Screenshot from Weixin U Were Here

Weixin U Were Here

Play along with the lyrics — in English and Mandarin Chinese — of this track from MC Tingbudong's release “Viral”.

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Screenshot from Thru My Window

Thru My Window

Karaoke goes typographic and bilingual in this playful experiment from MC Tingbudong.

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Screenshot from Trina


Knowledge worker Trina’s augmented eyes and fingers are owned by a military contractor — what chance is there for resistance?

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Screenshot from Exposed


Documenting the spread of COVID-19 in prisons through the words of prisoners, their families, and advocates.

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Screenshot from Two Hours With You

Two Hours With You

A story about a depressed and anxious mind, told in multiple voices.

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