“Think of it as a first-person thinker.” —Paste Magazine

Strange Rain

by Erik Loyer

Formerly available for iPad and iPhone

IGN Editor's Choice
Over 500K downloads
#1 Best-selling US iPad Entertainment app
#1 Top-grossing US iPhone Entertainment app
#1 Best-selling US Apple TV Entertainment app
Featured on CNN and USAToday

Strange Rain turns your Apple TV into a skylight on a rainy day — and the rain into a storyteller. 

The app shows an upward-facing view of a moody gray sky as raindrops fall and splatter on the screen, and trees, birds, and airplanes pass overhead. Let the app run without words, or try one of the built-in stories (or a Twitter search!) in which every touch triggers poetic phrases, accompanied by the notes of a mysterious melody. The more you touch, the more strange the rain becomes, as layered skies, changes in speed and color, and other surprises overtake the screen. A relaxing, yet intriguing experience that feels like a living window of story.

“A glimpse at novels of the future.” —Fast Co.Design

Screenshot from Ruben & Lullaby

Ruben & Lullaby

Tilt, stroke, and shake to shape the emotions of a couple having their first fight.