Equally Centers

Equally Centers

Music and design by Erik Loyer

Adapted from a quote by Simone Weil, with imagery by Krome Barratt and Freesound audio by magedu

Made with Stepworks

Simone Weil’s famous statement of sacred geometry, combined with a Krome Barratt schematic of cracking patterns found in nature. 

The latter comes from Barratt's 1980 book Logic and Design, accompanied by this caption: “Cracking patterns have an inherent beauty that represents forces in equilibrium. As a pattern of rupture it reveals the weakest points in a surface. If these are strengthened to form a grid structure, then it is immensely strong.”

The former is excerpted from this passage of Weil’s, taken from her book Waiting for God: “To empty ourselves of our false divinity, to deny ourselves, to give up being the center of the world in imagination, to discern that all points in the world are equally centers and that the true center is outside the world, this is to consent to the rule of mechanical necessity in matter and of free choice at the center of each soul. Such consent is love.”

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