Super Gerunds

Super Gerunds

by Erik Loyer

Made with Stepworks

In this series, which started with a visit to a random Wikipedia page, words extracted from the text of video game walkthroughs are set to music inspired by their soundtracks. The result is an alternate way to “play” the games, one that sheds light on the vocabulary of interactions built into them by their creators.

This installment combines gerunds from a walkthrough for the 1994 video game Super Metroid with music adapted from Kenji Yamamoto and Minako Hamano's score.

Screenshot from Hypothermia


A brother and sister become separated while on a treacherous journey through the tundra.

Screenshot from Trina


Knowledge worker Trina’s augmented eyes and fingers are owned by a military contractor — what chance is there for resistance?

Screenshot from Mother of Thousands

Mother of Thousands

A young woman’s struggles with depression are embodied by a strange plant.