Music by Donald Byrd, Original Solo by Dexter Gordon, Lyrics by Kurt Elling

Lyric Video by Erik Loyer

This was my first post on YouTube, and the beginning of my fascination with live-performed, syllable-accurate lyric videos. 

Using freely available code, I built a simple animation tool that advanced one syllable at a time through a text every time the Wii remote was tilted across its axis. In this demonstration, I waggle my way through the virtuosic lyrics penned by singer Kurt Elling to match Dexter Gordon’s solo on the 1964 jazz classic “Tanya”.

Screenshot from Non-Stop


Check out this mesmerizing, syllable-accurate lyric video for “Non-Stop” from Hamilton: An American Musical.

Screenshot from One Day More

One Day More

Follow the intricate lyric lines syllable by syllable in this video for “One Day More” from Les Miserables (2012).

Screenshot from The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian

What if the main theme to the Star Wars series The Mandalorian had lyrics?