“Just then, Trina felt a buzz in her fingers. Time for therapy.”
Image from Trina



A Design Fiction

Story by Anne Burdick and Janet Sarbanes
Design by Anne Burdick

Sound design by Erik Loyer

Made with Stepworks Studio

Published in Issue 01 of The Digital Review

Trina is a near future knowledge worker whose augmented eyes and fingers, owned by military contractor Humanitas, Inc., allow her access to vast digital networks. Working alone from her desert camp, navigating cryptic intelligence documents in mixed reality between mandated AI therapy sessions, she finds herself strangely compelled by her current assignment, a typewritten missive with a long-forgotten meaning.

Designer Anne Burdick turned to Stepworks to transform Trina, originally created for live performance in the PechaKucha format (20 slides at 20 seconds each), and inspired by Chris Marker’s classic experimental film La Jeteé, into a “single player” experience you navigate at your own pace.

Screenshot from Out of Order

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