“Virtual lover feel so blue / wifi make my dreams come true”
Image from Weixin U Were Here

Weixin U Were Here

Weixin U Were Here

Song by MC Tingbudong, Eddie Lu, and Kayla Briet

Adapted for Stepworks by MC Tingbudong

Made with Stepworks

Bilingual storyteller and activist MC Tingbudong used Stepworks to create a kind of “instant messaging karaoke” for the track “Weixin U Were Here” from his 2021 release “Viral”. A story of international connection fueled by WeChat and handmade dumplings, the song took on new meaning in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to play

  1. Click “Play now” and look for the red “Click or tap to begin” message about halfway down the page.
  2. Below it on the right you'll see a SoundCloud embed of the song — start it playing, and then click on the message.
  3. Clicks, taps, or keypresses will cause lyrics from the song to be shown as instant messages. 

See if you can keep up with both the English and Chinese lyrics!

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