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The visual language of comics.

  • Add captions and dialogue balloons with dynamic, localized text—and create your own caption styles using Unity GUI Skins.
  • Panoply works with any kind of asset Unity supports—2D, 3D, whatever!
  • The visual layout tool makes it easy to arrange your panels—just click and drag on the grid.

Use your existing 2D and 3D assets

Create multi-panel layouts with visual tools

Add captions and dialogue balloons

Go international with localization features

Great for digital comics, games, presentations, and storytelling experiments

Works with both the Personal and Pro versions of Unity

The interactivity of games.

Each panel is a camera in 3D space

Swipe smoothly from step to step

Interactive parallax adds depth to panels

Built-in audio sequencing

Includes PlayMaker actions

Supports Unity versions 2017 and up
  • Every Panoply panel is a full-fledged Unity camera—point each camera at its own 2D artwork, or show multiple angles of a full 3D scene.
  • Integrate Panoply events with your own code so you can trigger custom actions as readers move through the story.

Here’s how creatives and studios are using Panoply.

“…an amazing tool that we are finding absolutely indispensable for creating #DoctorWho Infinity” —Tiny Rebel Games

“I am absolutely loving this product! …this tool has saved me WEEKS of code work…” —Steve Adamson, CEO, Gear Worx Productions

Ascent from Akeron — digital comic from Submarine Channel
Promotional image for Ascent from AkeronEmmy award-winning studio Submarine Channel has been pushing the boundaries of screen-based comics for years now with projects like The Killer and The Art of Pho. Their recent release, the post-apocalyptic graphic novel Ascent from Akeron, uses Panoply to enhance the impact of the story through interactive parallax, animation, and sound.

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Cut scene production for 2D platformer Pankapu
Pankapu logoIndie developer Too Kind Studio is using Panoply to create cut scenes for their lavishly illustrated platformer Pankapu: The Dreamkeeper. Using Panoply’s multi-panel layouts, choreographed camera movements, and customizable captions, Too Kind is able to create a “storybook” feel that advances the plot of the game while keeping players immersed in the world.

Watch a cut scene

SPOILED — interactive documentary
A woman smokes in a bar in a screen from SPOILEDEmmy award-winning filmmaker Kelly Kowalski is developing SPOILED, an interactive documentary about our connection to the African oil industry. Produced in a rich visual style by illustrator Olalekan Jeyifous, SPOILED uses Panoply to turn Jeyifous’ images into 3D sets the camera moves through cinematically. Integrating both 2D and 3D elements, SPOILED shows the versatility of the Panoply engine.

Experience the teaser

Critically-acclaimed digital comic Upgrade Soul
Screen from Upgrade SoulPanoply is based on the technology that powers Upgrade Soul, the critically-acclaimed sci-fi comic app by Ezra Claytan Daniels and Erik Loyer. An IndieCade finalist, Upgrade Soul was the first title to use Panoply’s seamless swipe transitions, interactive parallax, and multi-panel layouts to build a powerful sense of immersion for readers, without distracting gimmicks. Note that Upgrade Soul includes enhancements to achieve special animation and audio effects.

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A powerful storytelling option for indie creators
A screen from Fleischwolf“Fleischwolf” was initially developed by illustrator Melanie Wigger as a first-person story-driven experience in a 3D world. Months after producing the intial project, Wigger used Panoply to re-envision the work as a split screen experience, with powerful results after just a few days of work.

“Panoply gave me – as the author – much more control over the arc of suspense… Players found a path through my story much more easily than in the first-person version, enabling them to focus more on the content.”

- Melanie Wigger, Illustrator

Exploring the potential of digital comics and split screen media
I’m Erik Loyer, founder of Opertoon and creator of Panoply. I’ve spent years studying how comics and screens work together, and with Panoply I’ve tried to distill that knowledge into a technology that leverages the strengths of both.

I used Panoply to put together a video on the subject of comics and screens—it’s called Space Into Game, Time Into Book.

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