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Novelty, beyond doubt

In 2023 Opertoon turns 15, and newness is here, undeniable. New work underway, new channels, and new ways to help Opertoon make stories that play like music.

Opertoon now has a Patreon campaign. Support the studio directly and you'll get increased capacity in Stepworks Studio, new standalone apps, and advance access to the next iteration of Stepworks. I've long felt a tension between building creative tools and original works, and I think I've found a model that can support both. Find out how you can help.

New website. (You're soaking in it.) I've brought new endeavors like Stepworks as well as past web series like Chroma together under the same roof, as diverse manifestations of the same impulse. Now Opertoon isn't just a collection of product pages, it's a place to explore this kind of storytelling in depth, with more to come.

New socials. Opertoon is now on Instagram; keep an eye out for studio updates and work in progress. And if you'd like to follow me personally, I've moved over to Mastodon, where I'll be sharing most of these updates as well.

More soon, friends.

- Erik

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