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Rome exhibition featuring projects past and present

Hypertext and Art,” a two-week interactive media exhibition held in the Bibliotheca Hertziana — Max Planck Institute for Art History in Rome, highlights three works spanning the life of the studio. Video documentation of “Ruben and Lullaby,” “Breathing Room,” and “I Was a Ship in Space” are all featured in a section of the exhibition called “Beyond the Click: Experimental Methods for Navigating and Experiencing Hypertext Art.” The show, presented as part of the ACM Hypertext and Social Media 2023 Conference and curated by artist and scholar Dene Grigar, includes a wide variety of hypertext works dating back to 1986, as well as a number of physical artifacts from the history of the form.

It’s wonderful to have these three projects presented in such a forum, and in such good company. The exhibition website is quite comprehensive, including details on all the featured works and artifacts alongside a curatorial statement by Grigar. Highly recommended! See a video of the exhibition below, filmed by Frode Hegland.



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