In the Woodshed

by Erik Loyer

In the Woodshed Part 2: Layers of Language

To “woodshed” means to spend time, in private, actively seeking growth. I made a virtual woodshed, and placed myself inside it, both to screen out the noise of everyday digital life, and to see if there’s still anything of the sublime to be recovered from my earliest dreams of cyberspace. A limited series.

In this episode, I stage the constant translation between languages that computers do for us, making physical what we normally never give a second thought.

If you have a Windows PC and an Oculus device, you can enter the woodshed yourself. Each episode of the series has a customizable companion app which you can use as a space to play or meditate.

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About the series

Is there still anything of the sublime to be recovered from our earliest dreams of cyberspace? A video series with companion apps for each episode.

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