“Comics represent time figuratively... but in the digital medium, we get literal time back...”



Temporal Aesthetics in Digital Comics

by Erik Loyer

Made with Stepworks Studio

Presented at the 2020 Electronic Literature Organization conference
Published in Issue 01 of The Digital Review

“Timeframing: Temporal Aesthetics in Digital Comics” is a video essay that positions the juxtaposition of temporal vignettes — essentially “boxes of time,” whether found in film, video, digital comics, video games, or any other medium — as a distinct practice called timeframing that is worthy of study. 

The essay was created with Stepworks Studio, a creative tool that I designed to encourage the exploration of this practice, which has significant connections to comics, along with its own unique qualities. 

This talk was first presented at the 2020 Electronic Literature Organization conference. In fall of 2021, an expanded version was published by The Digital Review, including an interactive version, the raw script for the presentation, and alternate visualizations of the content.

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